Saint Michael Episcopal School uses the Everyday Math and Handwriting Without Tears programs in the 3’s, 4’s and 5’s classes. Everyday Math has a heavy emphasis on exploring math concepts through math manipulatives. Handwriting Without Tears uses active, multi-sensory teaching to incorporate all the senses in a fun and engaging way, ensuring that all children learn regardless of learning style or background.

We have also implemented a cohesive language arts program in the preschool that builds concepts from year to year. The language arts program is based on Texas pre-k and kindergarten standards.

We have built a successful author study program as well as a large guided reading library for students ready to jump into the early stages of reading.

QuinnkidsThis year, we implemented a pilot writers workshop program in the 4’s class. If successful, we will implement this in the 3’s at a very beginner level and build from there. So far, the pilot classroom has had great success.

For our younger learners in our Toddlers and Twos classes, our program offers fun, creative, developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory experiences that help young children learn about their world.  Play is an important component for developing self-regulation and promoting language, cognition, and social competence.

A day at school includes opportunities for creative art expression, dramatic play, circle time, music and outdoor play, in addition to problem solving and social interaction. Enrichment for this age includes Chapel, story time in the library and large motor activities with Mr. Donavan.