The school is governed by the Board of Directors who is charged to hold in trust the integrity of the school and to uphold its mission, goals, and objectives. The Board is also charged to employ the Head of School who has the authority for overall operations of the school.

The Board of Directors is composed of 9 elected voting members. Members are elected by the Board on a rotating basis, for three-year terms. The Rector is a non-elected, ex-officio voting member. Additionally, a non-voting member of the Vestry of Saint Michael and All Angels Church serves on the Board.

All meetings of the Board are closed and attendance is limited to elected Board members, ex-officio members, and appointed and invited administrative support staff. Meetings are held approximately five times per year beginning in September. Dates of the meetings can be found on the school calendar.

The Board of Directors’ scope is strategic. Its responsibilities include upholding and promoting the mission of Saint Michael Episcopal School as well as holding fiduciary responsibility for SMES long term. Key areas of Board activity include:

  • Planning – Development and monitoring of Saint Michael Episcopal School’s strategic plan, with approval of all objectives and strategies.
  • Policy – Formulating and review of policies affecting school life.
  • Development – Approval and monitoring of the comprehensive development plan (i.e., capital campaign, marketing, public relations)
  • Evaluation of School Progress and Leadership

Board members represent present and future generations, not specific constituencies. The Board is comprised of parishioners, non-parishioners, current parents, past parents, and members from outside the Saint Michael community.


Members of the Board of Trustees

Grady Schleier, President

Justice Jason Boatright, Treasurer

Harriet Cousins, Secretary

The Rev. Dr. Chris Girata, Rector

Abby Evans

Charlotte Huthnance

Dr. Matthew Housson

Dr. Reggie McFarland

Mike Naggar

Dr. Claude Prestidge

Nancy Somodevilla


Jane Greene, Vestry Representative

Amy McMahan, Head of School

The Rev. Dr. Eric Liles, SMES Chaplain

Elizabeth Keogh, SMES