Welcome to SMES

At Saint Michael Episcopal School, we want to provide the best possible learning environment for our children. With diverse yet fun programming and curriculum, we know in our hearts that SMES is indeed a special school. We truly seek to love, nurture and educate the individual child.

We offer a two-day a week program for our youngest children in our Toddlers and Twos program. The extended day allows for each child to engage in early social interaction, group play, and the beginnings of classroom instruction. These classes also attend Science Explorers, music and sessions with Mr. Donavan. These classes eat lunch at school as well as have a nap time.

Once a child has turned 3 by September 1, they move into our Pre-K classrooms. Our program includes the study of various themes to broaden their knowledge of the world around them. Our teachers incorporate art, table activities, circle time, free play and technology to provide a well-rounded experience. We encourage our students to become more independent by helping them to learn skills that make them feel confident and capable.

Being an Episcopal school, we believe that serving others is one of the best ways we can teach our little ones to know God. Through events such as the book drive or the canned food collection, we are able to show our children what it means to help those who need it most. We hope by instilling the importance of putting others first at an early age that they will be better prepared to meet the world. We also gather weekly for chapel service for our children to come together with Father Eric Liles to learn about stories from the Bible and how God plays a role in each of our lives.

We hope that you will find SMES to be the school where your child grows to love learning and to love those around them.



Saint Michael Episcopal School provides educational opportunities for all students without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, citizenship status, religion, disability, or any other applicable protected classifications in the administration of its admission and education policies, financial aid programs, athletic programs and other administered activities unless a particular status protected by federal, state, or local laws contradict the deeply held religious convictions of the School or the church. SMES prohibits all harassment, bullying, or discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, or disability.