Saint Michael Episcopal School is offering a number of different Enrichment options for Spring 2019 (see descriptions below).


Fall 2019 Enrichment options are currently being selected. Information will be posted later this spring.




We are bringing Soccer back this Spring! This Enrichment is taught by Soccer Palz.


Nexplore Games is new to SMES this school year and we are excited to learn to play new games with them, which have all be tailored to Preschool!

This innovative program uses an internationally-acclaimed selection of strategy and mind games to enhance 21st century life skills and teach students how to think, rather than what to think. Nexplore Games is the bridge that connects the world of games to the real world. During the course, students reflect and learn meta-cognitive models, which are then applied to all walks of life and scholastic achievements. The Nexplore Game Method is simple, yet powerful:

  • Play – In the first stage, students learn a cutting-edge strategy game. Every class, a different game is introduced and explored.
  • Learn – In the second stage, students learn game strategies and underlying thinking concepts to improve their game skills and metacognition.
  • Apply – In the third stage, students are guided to make connections and applications to the real world.

To learn about Nexplore’s unique curriculum and games selection please visit www.nexploreusa.com




Let’s get creative together!  Children will self express their creativity though hands-on, multimedia experiences using clay, watercolors and paint.  Art helps children gain fine muscle control and strengthen eye-hand coordination through holding paint brushes, crayons, scissors and other art tools.  Curriculum will be a combination of both child centered and teacher guided art projects, along with a lot of messy fun!


This fun Tennis and Golf Enrichment is taught by Kidokinetics.  Coaches will spend half of the semester on each sport as Preschoolers learn the skills and drills associated with each. Kidokinetics classes are designed to provide fun, healthy exercise, games, nutrition and sports activities. The focus of each activity is to create a varied, fun session each day and using the sport activity to build skills relating to gross motor, right/left brain stimulation, forward/backward movement, crossing the mid-line, coordination and self-confidence.  Kidokinetics’ fun fitness coaches bring the great curriculum and the children bring the fun!



Capers for Kids

Capers for Kids has been the Dallas leader in creative drama education since 1978. Creative drama uses improvisation and characterization to guide students as they build their personalized drama skills. Through the fun-filled process of imaginative play, players become comfortable and courageous. Improvised drama is considered an essential component to developing social and emotional intelligence, and language skills in young students. The skills they learn today will be part of how they meet the challenges of tomorrow.

All Star Sports

This skills program for girls and boys focuses on the skills and technique for Softball, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Field Hockey, and Track & Field.  Whether children are experiencing these sports for the first time or enhancing their existing skills, they will have a great time in this fun, non-competitive class.  Sports can instill important life skills and values that young players can carry with them for the rest of their lives.



Mr. Donavan: Mobile Athletic Concepts for Kids

Building confidence and life skills through physical development, specializing in: motor development, physical coordination, strength & agility building, and sports skills. It’s the fun way to get moving! Classes are led by an enthusiastic instructor who will mentor your child through fun, healthy, and enriching physical activity programs.

All Star Gymnastics

This All-Star tumbling class for boys and girls incorporates balance, coordination, and core strength in an interactive, thematic class.  From forward and backward skills to balance and strength, children will feel like Olympic superstars!



Pre-engineering using LEGO – PreK 4 full-day classes only

Kids are already naturally gifted creators…then they get added inspiration from Play-Well specially trained instructors along with over ten thousand LEGO pieces. Kids will build engineer designed projects such as boats, bridges, mazes and motorized cars, and use special pieces to create their own unique design. While the kids build elaborate objects, structures and vehicles, they explore fundamental principles of engineering and physics. They also learn to collaborate and create without fear of mistakes. The experience is joyful and the impact long lasting.

Goals of the class are to:

– Solve problems.

– Develop and enhance each student’s problem solving and critical thinking skills.

– Introduce students to concepts and vocabulary of Engineering, Architecture, and Physics.

– Explore the world.

Dream it. Build it. Wreck it. Repeat.



For Enrichment questions, please email Jacynda Griego at jgriego@smesdallas.org or call 214-361-1224.